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Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and Learning Object Metadata (LOM) has got a step closer together to agree about the future of the Metadata world. The Memorandum of Understanding between these two major actors in the educational metadata includes collaboration on the development of interoperable metadata for learning, education and training.

The future will be based on a single architecture that presents a minimum of barriers to the creation, interchange, and use of metadata. The mutual agreement is based on an idea to support modular, extensible, and structured metadata that will be deployable using existing web infrastructure.

Also the agreement to avoid the existing overlapping of semantics, meaning that the same concept should not be present in the different groups of elements, is very welcomed.

The goals of the agreement will be put through more concrete action regarding common specifications, agreement and standards in mid December 2001.

More information on the subject is found from the Ottawa-Communiqué at and MoU
Author: Riina Vuorikari
Web Editor: Riina Vuorikari
Published: Thursday, 22 Nov 2001
Last changed: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2001
Keywords: interoperability, metadata, standards, standardisation, network

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