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Integration Tool Kit for educational repositories is ready to instal!
It connects existing database driven educational repositories to the ETB network with a flick of a switch, or almost!

UNI-C, one of the ETB technical partners has developed a Perl based tool that is ready to download and test.

The toolkit has 8 parts, which are
- ETB::Conf - manages configuration of the ETB tools
- ETB::Log - manages log messages from the packages
- ETB::XSLT - XSLT processing
- ETB::DOM - DOM interface to the RDF messages on the network
- ETB::Filter - filters received messages according to filter rules
- ETB::Read - reads messages from the network
- ETB::Post - posts messages to the network
- ETB::Translator - translates between local schema and ETBMES

From this link you'll find an example and all the information needed!

Author: Riina Vuorikari
Web Editor: Riina Vuorikari
Published: Thursday, 13 Dec 2001
Last changed: Friday, 21 Jun 2002