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Survey on School Educational Repositories is published (you can still participate).It gives an idea of the current European wide situation on the educational servers and their use of metadata.

1. The initial results

  • ETB-survey had 68 participants who filled in the questionnaire. They are from 19 different EUN countries.
  • By now 71
  • Germany had the most participants (11), Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal only one (1) each
  • There were 23 who logged in the ETB-questionnaire just for the shake of interest, among them different specialists from Apple Education, Ministries from Morocco, Hungary,....
  • ETB news have more than 2oo subscriptions.

2. Metadata:

  • 35%, which is 24/68, of the ETB-survey repositories use metadata.
  • 14 out of 24 use standardise metadata system incorporating Dublin Core.
  • Four (4) among them use EUN standards.
  • Do you use some custom metadata?
    yes: 14 answers
    no: 57 answers

  • See how these institutions insert the metadata

3. Quality assurance process

  • 62%, which is 42/68, of the ETB-surveyed repositories use quality control on their website.
  • 28 of them think it's very important

4. Classification and controlled vocabulary:

  • Do you use a controlled vocabulary for indexing?
    yes: 8 answers
    no: 63 answers
  • If keywords are used to describe a resource,
    are they chosen from given lists/thesauri
    yes: 14 answers
    no: 57 answers

5. Multilingual support:

  • Do you support queries in languages other than your national/regional language?
    yes: 7 answers
    no: 64 answers

6. See the table on technical environments

7. Would you install special software to support the ETB project? yes: 24 answers

Web Editor: Riina Vuorikari
Published: Friday, 9 Mar 2001
Last changed: Tuesday, 8 Jan 2002
Keywords: etb, survey, metadata, school repositories

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