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Find here all the ETB deliverables that are now available to download in .zip-format. There are already 8 of them to read!

Deliverables available to download:

D 11.3 Evaluation Report on Test on Schools NEW!

Abstract: This document outlines the Evaluation Framework of the European Treasury Browser project's Assessments and Evaluation work package. This includes description of the evaluation process, the evaluation tools that have been used during the evaluation process and the qualitative and quantitative results of the summative evaluation.

D 6.2 Report on the solution for transfer components and description of the underlying software NEW!

Abstract: This document outlines the issues related to the development and usability of transfer services to be included in the ETB network, and describes the developed software and its use in the context of the ETB User Interface.

D 7.3 Handbook about ETB Tools and Systems for Teachers and Pupils NEW!

Abstract: This is an on-line handbook for ETB tools and services. It contains information about how to look for learning resources from the ETB network, either in the free text search or by browsing the Thesaurus. It also has information and guidelines how to propose resources to the ETB network. The handbook resides at the URL of

D 4.2 Recommended data model format to be used as a standard by national systems to include national/local resources in the EU Treasury Browser NEW!

Abstract: This document summarizes the developments of the ETB project concerning the use of multilingual metadata and gives recommendations for implementing and using them in different scenarios. It concentrates on following aspects: The ETB Metadata Element Set, the ETB Collection Level description and related controlled vocabularies, the use of the Multilingual Thesaurus in this respect and templates for proposal of resources and documentation of educational experiences.

D 3.2 Recommendation on Quality Assurance and Selection of resources for the ETB NEW!

This document gives recommendations on all the quality aspects that are regarded as important in the ETB-network. On the one hand it focuses on the documentation system. On the other hand the focus of ETB is quality of content of the web-based learning resources. The ETB-project gives recommendations and guidelines to the repositories that join the network.


D 3.1 Research on Quality Assessment Management and Selection Criteria regarding Content for Schools .zip

This document summarises the key findings of the desk research carried out within the framework: Research on Quality Assessment Management and Selection Criteria regarding Content for Schools. It proposes a model for evaluation of the quality of web resources in the context of education. The appendices contain a model for describing collections with the usage of Collection Level Descriptions (CLD), Analysis of Tools, Procedures & Standards, and a glossary regarding the quality terms.


D 2.1 Survey on School Educational

Abstract: This document outlines the results of the School Educational Repositories-survey conducted in 19 European countries.
It concentrates on:
Metadata use and elements
Classification and controlled vocabulary
Quality issues
Multilingual support


D 4.1 Criteria for the selection of materials to be included in the

Abstract: This document outlines the issues related to the definition of educational resource and of quality, in relation to the information need of the target group and the organisation and description of resources. It concentrates on the following aspects: needs of different user groups, different types of resources, scope of the information covered, relevant data content for different type of material; compatibility with existing information systems, elaboration of indicators for selecting material for ETB.

D 6.1 Report on results and usability of cross-concordances lists of controlled terms and authority

Abstract: This document outlines the issues related to the usability of cross-concordances to be included in ETB, and describes these cross-concordances and their use in the context of the ETB User Interface.

D 8.1 Software kit Documentation and Manual

This tool-kit provides a framework for creating, editing and transforming metadata, with special reference to Dublin Core and ETB element sets. The kit is built on top of XML, XSLT, RDF a simple XML schema language, and it is particularly meant to enable applications that do not support or use RDF internally to exchange metadata with applications that do so.

D 9.1 Architecture of the Metadata Networking

Abstract: This report describes the infrastructure of a network capable of exchange of educational resource metadata between repositories. The set-up of a core of connected NNTP servers is described. It will form the basis for further extension of the network to existing repositories wishing to participate in metadata sharing.

D10.1 Metadata Repository Design

Abstract: This report describes the initial design of an ETB Native Repository, the Thesaurus search interface and the ETB central metatadata repository. The software for ETB will follow an incremental prototyping method, to ensure end user contact.
This design therefore outlines the first prototype development and will evolve in the light of user feedback.

D11.2 Evaluation Framework

Abstract: This document outlines the Evaluation Methodology Framework to be adopted within the framework of the European Treasury Browser project. It states the objectives of the evaluation, it defines the stakeholders and users, the evaluation areas, and the methods and tools for the evaluation. Two questionnaires with indicative questions to be addressed to the end - users are included as an annex.
Author: Riina Vuorikari
Web Editor: Riina Vuorikari
Published: Saturday, 10 Mar 2001
Last changed: Saturday, 28 Sep 2002
Keywords: standardisation

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