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To support publishing and access to high-quality educational resources the planned ETB components are as follows:

1) A Web enabled multilingual educational subject classification and thesaurus to aid accessing and providng content.

2) An intelligent data-entry system for the end-user including a metadata authoring tool with gateways to existing metadata systems, and a quality assurance procedure

3) A dynamic metadata network to allow the flow of information across the nternet.

4) A metadata registry with an intuitive search interface.

5) A full set of measures of harmonisation and normalisation addressing different layers:

1) A harmonisation policy based on the surveys and discussed in the Ministries of Eduction fora.

2) A set of tools to HELP UPGRADE systems, so that they start to be searchable under the same fields, students and teachers start to use the same classifications, etc. Agreed sets of metadata according to application, common vocabularies, thesari.

3) To guarantee the exchange of data (projects, products, best practice) based on quality selection criteria and through a distributed system, whereby it is possible for each country and project, to contribute to a general design, still retaining the eneral search function.

4) To develop a number of general horizontal tools (thesaurus, etc.). Goals of supporting multilinguality and reducing heterogeneity.

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Published: Friday, 26 Jan 2001
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