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ARIADNE, Dublin Core Metadata Education Initiative, CEN/ISSS Metadata, DELOS, DESIRE, INDECS, RENADUS, SCHEMAS

The project focuses on the development of tools and methodologies for producing, managing and reusing computer-based pedagogical elements and telematics supported training curricula.

ARIADNE has released Metadata recommendation based on the LOM (Learning Objects Metadata) specification in co-operation with a working group of the IEEE Learning Technoligies Standardization Committee

Dublin Core Metadata Education Initiative
The objectives of the Education working group are to discuss and develop a proposal for the use of Dublin Core metadata in the description of educational resources.

None educational:

CEN/ISSS Metadata - Dublin Core Workshop

The deliverable of the MMI-DC Workshop, Guidance on use of DC in Europe, assists European organisation and communities to adoption of Dublin Core, such as for example, explaining what DC is and is not suitable for.

DELOS will provide a context for the continuous development of an international research agenda and constitute a reference point for Digital Library (DL) projects.

The project's focus is on enhancing existing European information networks for research users across Europe through research and development in three main areas of activity: Caching, Resource Discovery and Directory Services.

is an international collaborative project which seeks to develop a framework of metadata standards to support network commerce in intellectual property.

Renardus aims to develop a pilot service offering improved subject-based routes to Internet-accessible collections of cultural and scientific information across Europe, working with - and building on - existing information gateway initiatives.

SCHEMAS provides a forum for metadata schema designers involved in projects under the IST Programme and national initiatives in Europe.


A Glossary
A useful reference of terminology and relevant concepts.

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