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PROMETEUS Memorandum of Understanding re-signed

In the Editorial of the Prometeus Newsletter No.2 - January 2001 Luis R.Rosello, 
Head of Unit Multimedia Applications for Education and Training Directorate General states the importance of the initiative and invites actors of the field to participate in signing the PROMETEUS Memorandum of Understanding. 

He says '.. it is a particularly important initiative as it is intended to bridge the gap between research and actual use of e-Learning technologies. It recognises also that efforts on standardisation are essential to ensure that a critical mass of learning systems, services and contents can be established in a cost-effective way taking into account Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity... I wish to encourage all of you to become active members in this community of learning and training innovators and particularly to help in shaping the future strategies by participating in the next Steering Committee election.'

PROMETEUS Newsletters Issue 2 - January 2001

More information about PROMETEUS and MoU at

Author: Riina Vuorikari
Web Editor: Riina Vuorikari
Published: Thursday, 1 Feb 2001
Last changed: Thursday, 22 Nov 2001