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DESCRIPTION: This quarterly e-newsletter highlights the most valuable and well-managed learning materials online around Europe, focusing on key issues relating to:
* Finding quality teaching and learning resources
* Creating, publishing and sharing learning materials
* Research and development projects
* New tools and standards for resource discovery
* Activities & Events

1 Welcome to the ETB Launch Workshop
  • The European Treasury Browser (ETB) provides European learning resources for schools via a metadata-based network of national collections. The launch of the project will take place in the European Schoolnet Office, in Brussels, on 7 October 2002.

    You are welcome and your participation is highly appreciated!

2News: One step closer to interoperability
  • Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) and Learning Object Metadata (LOM) has got a step closer together to agree about the future of the Metadata world. The Memorandum of Understanding between these two major actors in the educational metadata includes collaboration on the development of interoperable metadata for learning, education and training.
3News: UK e-Government Metadata Framework
  • UK has launched the e-Government Metadata Framework. It states that Dublin Core is now the official, mandated standard for metadata for government information.
4News: PROMETEUS initiative re-launched
  • PROMETEUS Memorandum of Understanding re-signed
5August 2001
  • - ETB Thesaurus - Alpha version - Ready to test!
    - ETB Piloting in October - Are you interested?
    - Wanted: Testers for the ETB pilot
    - ETB Virtual Workshop on Quality - Join Us!
    - ETB Datamodel - first version
    - Check of the new Themantic ETB website
    - Events
6January 2001
  • + First year of the ETB
    + Prof. Erik Duval on Joint Memorandum of Understanding between LOM and DCMI
    + Hype about metadata registries
    + Collection Level Descriptions - Crash Course
    + IMS: Global Specifications to European eLearning Community
    + Recommendations on quality criteria and selection of resources to be included in ETB
    + Rationale behind the quality management process
    + Growing flora of metadata standards
    + Metadata for Education Group
    + Report for TRCE9
    + Sig re-launch
    + Upcoming events
7October 2000 Archive
  • + New ETB Web Launched
    + European Treasury Browser Research Update
    + First Step "Strawman" Namespace Requirements
    + Exchanging Metadata - ETB's Strategy
    + EUN National Networks Search Engine
    + Gutenberg Bible Online
    + Metadata Crash Course
    + Web-based Metadata Observatory from CEN MMI-DC
    + PROMETEUS Launches New Support Service
    + EU-NSF Digital Library Workshop
8June 2000 Archive
  • * Surveying Europe’s Education Metaservers
    * Test Drive European Schoolnet's Selected Resources
    * Advanced Educational Repositories in Europe: NGfL & Learnline
    * The 24 Hour Museum Gateway
    * Resource Gateways: Renardus - Origins of the Project
    * First Portuguese Education Portal
    * Long-term Digital Preservation: CEDARS Metadata
    * Knowledge Discovery Exchange: Integrated Standards and SCHEMAS
    * Quick Course: Dublin Core Metadata
    * New Access, New Media, New Tools
    * Tour of DESIRE: Resource Discovery, Caching and Directory Services
    * IMS Online Learning XML Specifications