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DESCRIPTION: This is an on-line handbook for ETB tools and services. Here you can find information about how to look for learning resources from the ETB network, and how to propose resources to the ETB network.

Want to have a word to say about ETB? Take part in the evaluation, a questionnaire is available in the section of "Evaluation on Usability"!

ETB, Try it NOW!
  • ETB is ready to test now!
    Don't hold yourself back from the new way to look for web-based learning resources. Enter to the ETB pilot and explore the newest service provided to you.
Forum on European Educational Resources
Propose Quality Resources
  • Everybody can take part in building up the BEST European web-based learning resources network! Are you a teacher with some good resources to propose? Or do you have your own repository of web-based learning resources? Either way, here you can find out what to do.
Tool Kit for Repository Integration
  • Integration Tool Kit for educational repositories is ready to instal!
    It connects existing database driven educational repositories to the ETB network with a flick of a switch, or almost!
Users' Guide II
  • But how does it actually work? Find here good tips on how to search and on Advanced Search features.
Who is posting to the ETB-network?
  • Everybody can find high quality learning resources from the ETB-network. But where do those resources come from? Currently there are six (6) repositories posting to the network. Interested in their collection and quality policy? Find out detailed information here.