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SUBAREA NAME: Interoperability

DESCRIPTION: Ever felt like hitting your head against the wall because of the interoperability questions? Find here articals, news and ETB related documents on interoperability- issues.

ETB Controlled Lists of Vocabularies
  • European Treasury Browser has established 6 lists of controlled vocabularies aimed at individual resource level and collection level (CLD). Take a look at the multilingual lists of vocabularies now!
ETB Datamodel: Minimum set of Quality Descriptors
  • The first version of the ETB datamodel is ready. It is combined from two sets of elements. ETB Metadata Element Set deals on resource level and Collection Level Descriptors (CLD) are to identify the entire collection of resources.
ETB Tech Update: Network
  • ETB is building an active network for transfer and exchange of educational resource. The network connects existing national repositories and uses a new approach based on the tried and trusted NNTP protocol (Network News Transfer Protocol).
Inside ETB Tools: Exchanging Metadata
  • Exchanging Metadata - a New Strategy The exchange of educational resource metadata between existing repositories is the key to the success of the ETB project. The innovative strategy of ETB is to publish metadata to a robust network, from which participating repositories will be able to extract metadata according to their own criteria.
Introduction to Collection Level Descriptions
  • The decentralised and heterogeneous nature of the ETB system necessitates metadata in order to provide relevant information concerning the nature of the different services in the ETB network. Well defined descriptions of the network collections would improve and simplify the process of resource discovery by users, and would additionally benefit the collections.
New ETB tools
  • To support publishing and access to high-quality educational resources the planned ETB components are as follows:
Related Article: First Step Strawman
  • This paper by metadata expert Thomas Baker articulates first-step requirements for publishing project and domain specific adaptations of metadata standards in a registry of the European SCHEMAS Project.
Related Article: Growing Flora of Metadata Standards
  • This note is not so much about metadata per se, as about the kind of problems this vigorously growing flora of metadata standards poses for those who implement it.
Related Article: Hype about metadata registries
  • Overlapping of activities is becoming a serious issue; in the field of metadata registries there’s already quite a few playing on the same European ground.
Related Article: Learning Technologies Workshop - CEN/ISSS
  • To reach interoperability in the jungle of different standards and recommendations flourishing in the field of Learning Technologies organisations have joined the workshop organised under CEN/ISSS.
Related Article: Metadata Observatory
  • Ever wondered about the multitude of metadata activities? Here's one hoping to assess the relationship between Dublin Core and other metadata activities.
Related Article: Prof Erik Duval On MoU between LOM and DCMI
  • December 2000 the LOM Working Group and DCMI signed the Joint Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU is supported by metadata authority groups like the Ariadne Foundation, EdNA (Education Network Australia), GEM (Gateway to Educational Materials) and IMS Global Learning Consortium.
    According to Prof. Erik Duval, chair of the CEN ISSS Learning Technologies Workshop, this consensus between leading metadata groups is a clear sign that there will be a common way to proceed regardless of the metadata approach currently adopted.
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