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 Repository owner, are you interested in joining the ETB-network?

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•  Mise à jour des technologies du réseau ETB
•  Première étape: L’homme de paille
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•  Repository owner, are you interested in joining the ETB-network?
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Do you want to
* Find quality approved online European educational resources?
* Find multilingual resources keyworded by audience, subject, language?
* Find European resources that have never been indexed by your national educational website before?

Digital libraries and repositories of educational resources can now join a new network - European Treasury Browser. Members share resources across Europe while retaining full editorial control. Teachers and students benefit through a wider treasury of multi-lingual, classified resources of high quality. The key 'value added' feature is a rich multilingual thesaurus in 9 languages which enables a uniform classification and an intuitive subject based 'browse' over all resources.

Members receive feeds of records submitted by others. These records are translated to the local format and can be input into the normal record submission system used at the local repository. Records appear just as if submitted by a national teacher, and remain under local editorial control. Likewise records are 'posted' to the network under the full control of the local administrator. So only records deemed to be of broader European interest circulate on the network. Furthermore educational quality of resources rather is a priority issue of ETB, rather than sheer numbers.

A series of toolkits tailored to the needs of new joining members are available to connect a local repository or database to the network allowing seamless data exchange. Technical assistance is also available from the European Schoolnet office.

EUN provides one central multi-lingual resource browser through the EUN web site ( The interface is driven by the thesaurus and provides a simple first level access at the European level.

You are invited to join this new network and benefit through the sharing of resources with your European partners. Remember that full editorial control is still maintained at the local level so your publishing policy is unaffected, while your content sources can be multiplied significantly. To start fill in the form informing us about your repository so that we can contact you with the right technical choice.

  1. Contact us at for further information!
    Fill in the information form at

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Web Editor: Riina Vuorikari
Published: mercredi, 1 août 2001
Last changed: lundi, 28 oct. 2002
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